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"To Learn is To Change"

We learn for them to have a better life with us

Dogs don't speak human language, how can we communicate? The founder of Dogniversity understands the need of every dog parents, we can't wait to show our love to the dogs, but if we do not put them in the right way, they may not feel the same as we expected. 
Internet brings us a lot of convenience, but at the same time information is flooding. There are thousands of information when you search for a single topic, which one you should rely on? Who are they written by? Especially for dog behaviour problems, there are thousands of people suggesting you with different solutions, which one should I take? Dogniversity is a short form of "Dog University", I wish to share the knowledge I have gained from my school in the US and experience over the years to all pet owners. The method we share are all proven to be effective and humane for dogs. Learning is fun when the dog found you speaking in their language. 
We share professional information in interesting way for dog parents, believe "To Learn is To Change", when we understand our dogs, they will have a happier life with us.
Together we learn for them!

Founder – Eurica Li

I have started my volunteer work in a dog rehoming centre since 2005, which provides me with lots of opportunities to meet different kinds of dogs. Witnessing some dogs not trusting people due to mistreat, we learn that there are much more we can do to prevent it happening before it is too late. Through proper training and patience, we can see the changes made day by day which is so encouraging. Dogs are not a creature that only need food & shelter, their well being and psychological needs are essentially important.  

Over 15 years of volunteer experience in a dog homing centre, I pursued my interest for dogs by studying dog training in the United States and got my qualification of Professional Dog Trainer title in 2014. I aimed to promote positive reinforcement training in Hong Kong, a scientific-based and systematic way of training method, encouraging the wanted behaviour and solving problems from the root cause. 

I offer one-on-one dog behaviour consultation and training, and group classes. We hope to share the knowledge of dog science I learned over the countries and interpret the complicated science research into easy-to-understand steps for execution. Dog training should be fun and enjoyable to both pet parents & the dogs.​​​

Professional Qualification

Graduated in Karen Pryor Academy in US
Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA®) certified by The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainer (CCPDT®)
Certified Family Paws Parents Educator
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department "Dog Training Course" instructor
​Employees Retraining Board (ERB) certified
"Dog Trainer Certificate" course instructor
Hong Kong Dog Rescue dog training class instructor
Hong Kong Dog Rescue volunteer instructor

Eurica Li

Education Background

Dog Trainer Professional by Karen Pryor Academy ​
Dog Emotion and Cognition by Duke University​
Modifier Cues by Karen Pryor Academy​
Canine Freestyle by Karen Pryor Academy​
Pet Technician by Pet Industries Resources Centre
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