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Dogniversity comes from the word "Dog University", a platform to share positive reinforcement-based training knowledge and to make people understand dog behaviour to help dogs to live with us happily. Helping dog parents to have a good life can help to reduce dogs related behaviour problems in the future and prevent causing of unwanted dogs in Hong Kong. 

The founder - Eurica Li, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA®), she is qualified by The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT®), an Internationally recognised independent certifying organisation, as a mark of high professional distinction and continuing education.

There are less than 10 people who have this qualification in Hong Kong. She is a
100% positive reinforcement-based trainer, aimed to train dogs & help family members based on scientific research and method. It is a force-free training for dogs. We encourage them to improve their behaviour voluntarily instead of making them stop the unwanted behaviour only out of fear. 

We believe "To Learn is To Change", we learn for our dogs. All dog parents are good at providing physical needs for them, but don't forget their emotional needs, they are as important as their physical needs. Behaviour has to change from the inside out, changing their mind and the behaviour will change accordingly. 

Private Training / Consultation

Dog who are shy, too enthusiastic or aggressive can be trained? How to teach a dog  not to pull on lead or not to guard their food?

We believe each dog is unique, the best way to provide good solution is to base on their personality and reaction to change their perception instead of forcing them to shut down a behaviour. 

Welcome to contact for consultation, we provide on-site and online training services. 

Dog Training class & workshop

We offer dog training workshop for organizations, sharing the most updated scientific finding in dog training industry and learn to respect animals.​

What service we provide?

領養了Nyah 2個月後,為了能令牠生活得更輕鬆,經領養機構介紹,得到了Eurica的幫忙。



Chantelle and Matthew

We are so glad we found Eurica and Dogniversity when we adopted Kayla from Hong Kong Dog Rescue. We did private lessons with Eurica and these helped incredibly as Kayla was too nervous to even leave the flat. After every session with Eurica, Kayla makes massive strides and now goes on walks confidently in very busy areas. Her reactivity is decreasing every day and we are so grateful for all of Eurica's guidance. 





Professional Qualification

  • Karen Pryor Academy, Certified Dog Trainer​

  • CCPDT®  Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA®)

  • Family Paws Parent Education licensed educator

  • Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department "Dog Training Course" instructor

  • Employees Retaining Board (ERB) certified "Dog Trainer Certificate" course instructor

  • Hong Kong Dog Rescue volunteer trainer

  • Hong Kong Dog Rescue dog training class instructor

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